Easily Customize Your Shopify Theme

A quick little known way is to use Shopify Metafields.

Mike Haslam


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Have you ever wanted to add some extra information about your products or collections that is not part of your theme? Have you noticed when adding a product in Shopify backend there is just not a place to put the extra details you need?

What are Metafields?

Metafields are custom fields where you can put that extra information that isn’t usually available to add in Shopify admin. When you create a metafield you can use it where you want and the data can be dynamic.

If you’re using an online store 2.0 theme, you can do it right in the theme editor it’s built right in and much easier now. If you are using a vintage theme not to worry, it’s still possible and we will go over those options as well.

What kind of information can you add in Metafields?

Some examples are size charts, related products, list of ingredients, files for download, color swatches, days until sale ends and much more…

Where can you use Metafields?

• Products

• Variants

• Collections

• Customers

• Orders

• Pages

• Blogs

  • Blog posts

Step 1 Create metafield definition

Metafield data types you can use.

• Text

• Color

• Date & Time

• File


• Measurement

• Number

• Rating

• Reference

• True or False