Why I live part of the year in Thailand

Here is what a traffic jam looks like in our village!

I used to be obsessed with traveling to new places I have never seen in the world before.

Now I have found I find happiness in being around people that live a life where they come from the earth. What that means to me is that is maybe the desire to have lot’s of money is not what will really make you happy.

Yes we all want lot’s of money, but in seeing how people who don’t have a lot of money and come from the earth in that they grow their own food make what they need if they can not buy it. And they also help and support each other in their community.

Makes me realize that money can not buy you happiness,
it can only buy you things. And if you have money buying things may be easy, but finding happiness will still be hard because happiness can only come from the heart.

I am married to a beautiful Thai woman. She comes from a village in Buriram Thailand. We really enjoy spending part of the year here. We spend the rest of the year in Long Beach, California. I have learned so much from the people in our village and Thai people in general

I think the biggest thing I have learned is patience and how to be a part of the village where you live.

Im trying to learn how to be a gentleman farmer
Drying Rice from our farm

It’s really cool to see how people live off the land growing a lot of there own food and how they make so many things here them self and often from elements that come from the earth. This time of year people collect the long grass that grows in the rice fields and they make hats from them

Hats take about 2 days to make
A tote bag made from coffee wrappers
Thai People are so kind and gentle

Maybe I am easily amused but I think there is so much to learn from Thai & Buddhist Culture!

Me and my wife, very much enjoy seeing different Buddhist temples, especially in Thailand. We decided to take a short trip from Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao. I must say Wat Tham Pha Plong is the most amazing Wat I have ever been to, for many reasons, even though it 500 plus step to get to the Wat, I thought it was going to be hard in heat, but what I found is that on the way up if you read the signs, which are in Thai and English you can learn many teachings of Buddha, really cool while you are walking through a Forrest.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.

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